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5 Compelling Reasons to Use a Hotel Mystery Shopping Service

5 Compelling Reasons to Use a Hotel Mystery Shopping Service

Hotels can spend huge amounts outfitting their establishments – extensive advertising campaigns, staff training and corporate branding and placement – yet have their investments thwarted and businesses seriously jeopardised by neglecting to monitor that their establishment’s procedures, standards and policies are conscientiously complied with by all staff members.

Many establishments, confident that they have created a sophisticatedly marketed, exemplary venue, are mistaken in thinking they can now rest, assuming that serious new and repeat client traffic will naturally flow. However, such complacency in the competitive world of quality accommodation can be the demise of a business. One unsatisfactory client experience, with product or service, can cause catastrophic and far reaching damage, irreparably tarnishing their reputation in one fell swoop.

Investment in ongoing and comprehensive staff training is the cornerstone upon which any businesses success rests. In the highly competitive world of hospitality and accommodation attention to detail is essential. Consistency and quality control are imperative to ensure a thriving business that enjoys valuable return clients and a positive industry reputation – hotel mystery shopping is an effective way of ensuring such an outcome. An investment in this area is guaranteed to:

Assure ongoing quality standards.

Improve the average rates of your quality standards.

Lift the sales performance of your employees and give an accurate representation of a typical “sales flow”.

Gain insightful and detailed reports and analysis of service weaknesses and strengths.

Provide the in-depth information you need to make informed decisions to improve your business.

Hotel mystery shopping services utilise the skills of thoroughly trained, undercover ‘testers’ who systematically analyse and check the service quality in all areas of your establishment and focus on quality performance benchmarking and development. Detailed industry and context specific reports can highlight trends, competitive performance and provide powerful market analysis. Quality assurance and service delivery consistency are imperative in the competitive world of quality accommodation and a comprehensive, bespoke program for your business can provide businesses with an invaluable tool for identifying and assessing all aspects of staff training and service delivery.

By incorporating the ongoing services of hotel mystery shopping experts into your operation you can be assured that you will have a valuable, insightful and lasting evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your hotel, linked to your particular quality and performance standards. In addition to delivering an across-the-board picture of the quality of your establishment “through the eyes of a guest” you are supplied with extremely useful signposts with which to inform the improvement of your facility.…

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Romantic Getaways in Pittsburgh PA

Romantic Getaways in Pittsburgh PA

There are a lot of options for romantic getaways in Pittsburgh PA. It is the most romantic spot of southwestern Pennsylvania, which many people may not consider for a romantic getaway. People have started getting attracted to it recently.

This city with its surroundings is charming and suitable for anniversary, honeymoon or any other romantic meetings.

Romantic Activities and Attractions in Pittsburgh

* Symphony

* Restaurants

* Opera

* Walks

* Theatre

* Spa

* Museums

Although there are many inns with facilities of food and lodging available, but the most popular romantic choices include:

The Inn on Negley

This luxurious inn is located in the historical region of Shadyside and has many facilities like Jacuzzi tubs in its rooms and canopy beds to spend good time with your beloved.

The Omni William Penn Hotel

This famous and luxurious hotel is located in the downtown Pittsburgh. Various attractions like fine dining, spa at Nail Galleria, theater culture and a few of a romantic spots are also nearby.

The Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel

This hotel overlooks Allegheny River and is situated at Pittsburgh’s cultural center. It has extraordinary historical set up and was built in 1906. It is good for a stroll to various places in the city.

Inn on the Mexican War Streets

This is a renovated mansion for guests looking for history and romance. It is situated in a location, which has a great combination of culture and history. This Inn presents delightful atmosphere in an eccentric setting of the mansion. It has a charming glow and chocolate cookies are served every morning.

A Final Note

Pittsburgh is a nice place and has many romantic spots to choose from. Find for best deals near holidays like Valentine’s Day. Remember that although it is a romantic place, but weather can change considerably during various seasons. Thus, activities change accordingly. Even then the lovers would praise the attraction whenever they would visit.…

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Save on Accommodations in San Francisco

Save on Accommodations in San Francisco

Cheap hotels in San Francisco? Believe it or not, it can be done if you’re willing to do some gumshoe detective work and search out the best rates. San Francisco is one of the most popular travel destinations in America, and rooms are generally expensive.

San Francisco is full of boutique hotels, many of which are centrally located in Union Square. Hotel Metropolis, Hotel Union Square, and the Steinhart Hotel are three examples of centrally located boutique hotels in San Francisco. Hotel Diva is ultramodern and posh, and located near two of San Francisco’s most prestigious live theatre venues, the Curran Theatre, and the American Conservatory Theatre.

The first step to finding the most affordable accommodations in San Francisco is setting a per-night budget range. Keep in mind that the hotel tax in San Francisco is 14%, and plan accordingly. The next step is to choose an area of the city you’re interested in staying in, and seeing where you can find accommodations in or close to your budget. Try to find four or five hotels that look promising, and note their extra fees as well as free amenities (like continental breakfast and free wireless internet).

Start your rate search at the website of the hotel itself. If it is a chain hotel with a rewards program, type in your membership number if you have one. If you don’t and sign-up is free, go ahead and sign-up. It can’t hurt, and might help. For frequent travelers, the cost of membership in these organizations may be worthwhile solely for the discounts they make available on hotel deals.

If you find a rate that meets your budget and other requirements, go ahead and book it as long as your card isn’t charged immediately. Next, check a comparison search engine like , Expedia, or Orbitz for their best rates. If you find a better rate, cancel the previous reservation and book through the travel site instead.

Finally, call the reservations desk at the hotel itself, not the national toll-free line. You can often get deals from the individual hotel that you won’t get from the chain or online. This often works best for last minute travel, because if a hotel has rooms empty for the night, they may be happy to fill them, even at a cut rate.

When comparing hotel rates, total up the overall price, including things like resort fees and parking fees. Check for freebies like free internet or free breakfast and factor in the cost of those where they are not included in the room rate. By using these techniques when traveling to San Francisco (or any popular city), you can be sure you’re getting one of the best rates available.…

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Travel Agent

Do you know you’ll be able to refine a search by telling Yahoo to look for sure forms of content? A enterprise travel agency like American Express Global Business Journey can transfer your business ahead. With thousands of small group adventures and excursions for 18-35 year olds to select from, start planning your adventure right here. I even had purchasers who will make their own reservations instantly with a cruise line or tour company then call and transfer their reserving to our company.

Travel Brokers Save You Time – Time in our most valuable commodity and but so many individuals are prepared to waste it. HOURS will be spent properly researching a vacation. Worldwide and domestic journey products – flights, hotel, tour packages, visa, travel insurance coverage and forex trade.

Last week we acquired info that Kimiya continued to promote travel providers regardless of the license suspension,” Noorani said this week, prompting the cancellation. For Caribbean or Mexico resort vacations, our brokers can direct you to price assure protection that offers you a similar possibility.

E book your holidays for a dependable and customized journey expertise. For tour round Malang and Surabaya, you possibly can contact these native travel brokers: Mujur Surya tour ( ), Haryono Tours ( ), Helios Tour ( ). Travel Agents Should not pushy – Any good journey agent knows it isn’t about making the sale, it is about creating happy shoppers.

Besides tour packages and cruises, Skyline offers skilled consultation relating to immigration and business information between Singapore and China. You’ll be able to search Yahoo websites like Sports, Finance, Purchasing, Autos, and more, for Yahoo originals and content and results we have curated from across the Web.…

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The Benefits of Chamomile in Hotel Amenities

The Benefits of Chamomile in Hotel Amenities

When one thinks of Chamomile the first thought is always to sipping tea and drifting off to sleep. While Chamomile is not a cure for insomnia, it does have relaxing properties that allow people substantive evidence to draw such conclusions. It is a mild relaxant and is often used as an herbal solution to alleviate depression, stress and anxiety.

Chamomile is considered a “cumulative treatment” meaning the longer use it, the more benefits you will receive from it. With a reasonable dosage, you can take chamomile for an extended period of time, and it is said that there are no side effects. Chamomile is found in much more than tea and can be taken ingested to combat internal problems such as cramping or to be used as a muscle relaxer. It can also be used topically in lotions and creams.

Many people are looking for ways to use Chamomile in their daily life and one way to do so is by using personal care amenity products with Chamomile in them. Aromae Botanicals, a leading line of hotel amenities, offers a Chamomile and Nettle Conditioner that users claim reduce dry and itchy scalp. Many hotels and Bed and Breakfasts use this line of hotel amenities as it is a favorite among their client?�le.

Aromae Botanicals, also has a popular Rosemary and Heather Conditioning Shampoo, Cucumber and Aloe Lotion, a Vitamin E enriched pleat wrapped soap, a Grapefruit and Sage Facial Bar, and a Bergamot and Lemon Bath Bar. The entire Aromae line likes to mix their ingredients with natural elements to bring additional benefits to their user.

In addition to all of the above mentioned products, the Aromae line stocks auxiliary items such as a shower cap in a standing carton and a mending kit in a cone carton. By providing additional items in the line, Aromae makes it possible for hotel and B & B’s to give their guests more luxury.…

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Cruise Into a Cool Getaway

Cruise Into a Cool Getaway

Are you ready for a walk into a mysterious forest? Do you want to view over a thousand blooms of myriad hues? Do you want to meet the original people of the rainforests? As one the coolest tourist destination, Cameron Highlands reveals a natural world that visitors can enjoy with the Mossy Forest that evolves at Gunung Brinchang with primitive ferns, Rhododendrons, the carnivorous Pitcher Plant, Ti trees wild orchids and other exotic tropical plants. Families staying at beautiful Malaysia Cameron Highlands hotels would love to walk through the Mossy Forest and would be intrigued by the medicinal plants, wild spices, poisonous plants, flora and fauna. As a must-visit destination, the Boh – Sungei Palas Tea Plantation is a perfect place to take photographs, visit the tea factory, have a hot cuppa at the tea shop and shop for souvenirs.

Visitors will be fascinated with the Rose Center, Kea Farm with over 100 varieties of roses and the Rose Museum. With many places to see, families can admire the Butterfly Garden which is north of Brinchang that also showcases a range of plants. With its ideal climate, Cameron Highlands displays its luscious vegetable farms with many of them being organic farms, the Kea Farm which is also a market garden and the Brinchang Night Market. Visitors can wander through the Market Square and shop, visit the Sam Poh Buddhist Temple and the Green View Garden with its many delights that include delicious strawberry products, various flowering plants especially the Gerbera flower, a flower nursery and a great caf?�.

Enjoy an Exciting Vacation

Families having a cool vacation in Cameron Highlands can visit the Strawberry Farm, the Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm, Bharat Tea Plantation, Sg Palas Boh Tea Plantation and the Cactus Valley. Lovers of Nature can go on a jungle trek and view the famous Rafflesia flowerwhich is the largest flower in the world that lasts only four to five days and will not bloom for many months. Visitors and their families can explore the Time Tunnel or Cameron Highlands Historical Museum, get a wonderful view from the tower at the top of Mount Brinchang with its fabulous vista that displays the verdant surroundings and the rainforest mountain range.

Tourists staying at cozy accommodation rooms can take off to view or hike through the renowned Mount Gunung Irau which is 6900 feet or 2110 meters in height being the 15th tallest range in Malaysia and the highest peak in Cameron Highlands. As an exciting excursion, visitors can take off to see the Lata Iskander and the Parit Waterfalls and have a swim at a natural pool. Visitors can interact with the unique Orang Asli tribe who live in the forest areas. Known as the original people, these ethnic groups have been categorized as Proto-Malay, Senoi and Negrito. These forest dwellers cultivate and grow petai, rice, rattan, resins and durian besides hunting with a blow-pipe and other instruments. Tourists can relax and enjoy the great cuisine besides celebrating the spirit of freedomat a gorgeous Cameron Highland hotel.

Explore the Pleasures of Cameron Highlands…

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The History of the Atlanta Braves

The History of the Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves franchise is the oldest continuously operating professional sports franchise in the U.S. They were not always known as the Braves, and they did not have their start in Atlanta. They began in Boston as the Red Stockings, and have been called the Beaneaters, Doves, Rustlers, and Bees as they moved from Boston to Milwaukee, and finally Atlanta.

The Boston Red Stockings were incorporated in January 1871 and became one of nine charter members of the National Association of Professional Baseball Players. This was the forerunner of today’s National League. The Red Stockings were a very successful team through the 1870s. In 1883 the team’s name was changed to the Beaneaters, to better tie them to Boston. During the next two decades the Beaneaters had their share of ups and downs. In 1907 the team was bought by the Dovey brothers, who changed the team’s name to the Doves. In 1912 the team acquired the nickname Braves. The Braves won the World Series in 1914.

In 1936 after a fan poll, the Braves’ name was changed to the Bees and their ballpark became the Beehive. In 1941 the team was renamed the Braves. Their final game in Boston was played in 1952. The Braves began their first season in Milwaukee in 1953 at Milwaukee County Stadium. In 1957 the Braves won the World Series for a second time.

The Braves moved to Atlanta in 1966. During the 70s baseball great Hank Aaron reached a number of hitting milestones with the Braves. After struggling through the 80s, the Braves became known as the “Team of the 90s”, the most successful Major League team of the decade. They won an unprecedented eight Division Titles, five NLCS titles, and appeared in five World Series, winning again in 1995. The Braves moved into their new facilities at Turner Field in 1997. The Braves continued to win Division Titles in the early years of this decade, but have since dealt with significant injuries to key players and rebuilding seasons. The current year promises to be a better one for the Braves though, as they currently lead the Phillies in the National League East. Atlanta fans are anticipating an exciting countdown to the postseason, as the regular season nears its end. Braves fans are more than ready for another World Series Title.…