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Hotel Reception Furniture – Comfort is a Priority

Hotel Reception Furniture – Comfort is a Priority

If you run or own a hotel, you will no doubt be aware that there is a lot of traffic passing through the reception area on a daily basis and this is mostly due to the new residents arriving and the old residents leaving. In the meantime though, where do people sit? You need to have suitable hotel reception furniture in place so your residents can rest their tired feet. It could be that they are waiting for a taxi to arrive, if they are leaving, or they may have arrived and their room isn’t quite ready yet, so staying in the lobby area might be the only option. That’s why you need to make sure you provide comfortable seating in the reception area for your guests.

Comfort Tips

Your choice of hotel reception furniture needs to be in-keeping with the rest of your hotel. Aesthetics are important and so too is the comfort factor. If your hotel guests are going to reside in the reception area for a while, they need something that is going to be comfortable to sit on. An upholstered chair with a good supporting back is important, as too is the chair depth. You don’t want something really low to sit on so that you end up ‘sinking’ in to it – once in, you might not be able to get out easily! The most convenient option is to look for furniture that is appealing and encourages the visitor to sit down.

Appeal To The Potential Guests Too

It may be that someone has called in to your hotel to just pick up a brochure as they consider a stay with you, but they want to just sit down and have a read through first. This is your cue to make sure the hotel reception furniture is inviting and comfortable enough for the visitor to sit down and feel happy that this is the hotel he or she wants to stay at.

Leave A Lasting Impression

There are many hotels around the UK that don’t make comfort a priority. This could be an uncomfortable bed, restaurant chair or even an overly small bathroom. These factors all add up and can make for a rather unpleasant stay. Since the reception area is the first place people stop when they walk in, and quite possibly the last place people stop as they leave, then you need to ensure that hotel reception furniture offers the utmost in comfort and style. Leave a lasting impression and your paying residents will be sure to return.

Consider The Space Around You

You don’t need to fill or overcrowd your reception area with seating though – keep it neat, tidy and spacious. The smaller the area, the higher the emphasis on choosing furniture that complements the décor and makes people feel like there is room to move around. A stylish upholstered chair and a contemporary coffee table can make all the difference to a reception area and, depending on the size of your hotel, you can add more furniture if you feel confident there is enough space.…

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Le Bristol Hotel Paris – Expensive But Excellent!

Le Bristol Hotel Paris – Expensive But Excellent!

Paris is a place for lovers to go to for romance and rekindling the flame. Paris is an expensive city, but only because there are so many amazing things that are offered to people. One of the most romantic places two people can go is the Eiffel Tower at sunset. When going up the tower there are many pieces of art being displayed on the inside on stands for you to look at. If you go to the second level you have the perfect view looking out over all of Paris. It is just breathtaking what you will see.

Le Bristol Hotel Paris is breathtaking on the outside and the inside and is not that far from the Eiffel Tower. They have a courtyard with tables set up so you can relax and enjoying the calming view. You can enjoy each others conversations while looking at the different trees and running water fountains. Nice quiet setting for snuggling up to each other.

The rooms are very spacious and have fresh flowers on the tables. If you want to enjoy a nice dinner and the views of the garden you can step out onto the balcony and have your romantic dinner in the Paris fresh air. If you do not want to eat in the room you can come down to the winter restaurant, it is very elegant with crystal glasses sitting on the tables. Fresh plants are placed around the room and sitting on tables for all to enjoy. It is lit up by many chandeliers giving off just the right amount of light. The walls are decorated with hand pained pictures that have great detail. The waiters were very friendly and quick and the food just makes the mouth water it is perfectly cooked and blended with the spices.

Le Bristol Hotel has just the place for a person. It is called the Anne Semonin beauty salon and they do more then massages. They offer armor therapy treatments for the face or the body. This was heavenly and so relaxing. The employees are excellent and know what they are doing.

The Le Bristol Hotel has many services offered to the guests. There is a florist for purchasing fresh flowers. This could definitely set the mood of your evening by getting fresh flowers and going up to your room to surprise someone.

Le Bristol Hotel is expensive, but it is an excellent hotel and you will not be disappointed.

The Le Bristol Hotel Paris has many of the same things in common as the Eiffel Tower. There are beautiful gardens around for strolling in or just have a nice conversation. The restaurants in both serve cuisine you will want more of. There is art throughout that you can stop and enjoy and learn some things about Paris. Last but not least they both have breathtaking views that you will remember for years to come. Take plenty of pictures so you will always remember the evening you had a both places.…

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Travel Agencies

Jerry Allen Travel Company

A journey agency is a personal retailer or public service that provides journey and tourism related providers to the public on behalf of suppliers akin to activities , airlines , car leases , cruise lines , motels , railways , journey insurance , and package deal excursions In addition to coping with extraordinary vacationers , most travel agencies have a separate department devoted to creating travel arrangements for enterprise travelers; some travel agencies focus on business and enterprise journey only. supplies the latest offers for Inns, flights, automotive rentals, cruises and travel packagess. Even within our company, we now have brokers who’re Disney specialists while others have expertise creating customized excursions in Europe, Africa and Asia. 11 vacation journey agencies in Wisconsin.

The airlines haven’t paid commissions to journey agents for the reason that mid 1990’s. Beyond pricing, good travel agents have the buying power to get further amenities like ship board credit or insider excursions that can also improve your family’s vacation.

Astrokidd Journey and Tours is among the finest philippine journey agency. Joel Travel & Tours Journey Company Malaysia Best lowest worth and great services gives in Malaysia and Singapore. Many times, the questions perplexing travelers are one that agents can answer right off the highest of our heads because of our years of expertise.

Consider a travel agent as your tour guide that may lead you to the perfect vacation. Since 1995, many airlines world wide and most airlines in the United States now don’t pay any commission to journey businesses. This means your travel agent can arrange a monthly vacation layaway program that might save you hundreds on bank card interest.

On-line adverts include text, photographs, and enhanced content that Yahoo has been paid to put in certain areas on Yahoo sites. Though good travel brokers professionally spend money on their very own travel to realize this expertise, not every Travel Agent can humanly know every vacation spot on the planet.…

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Top Things You Need To Know When Visiting Rome

Top Things You Need To Know When Visiting Rome

Planning to visit Rome? Before you book into your Rome luxury hotel, check out the recommended travel essentials when visiting this majestic place.

Planning Your Travel

You are naturally required to have a valid passport when travelling to Italy. If you’re looking for the most out of your holiday, book your Rome luxury hotel between April and June or from late September through October, since during these times the temperature is milder and you will have fewer crowds to contend with.

Getting to the Italian capital by plane is through Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, located about 30 to 40 minute drive from the centre near Ostia, a coastal area. You can easily coordinate with your Rome luxury hotel to arrange transportation from and to the airport to ensure maximum convenience.

The city is best explored by foot and it has earned a reputation as a walker’s dream. This is because majority of the landmarks and piazzas around the central district are all within easy walking distance. Of course, you can arrange for a private tour if you prefer that option.

Travel Checklist

When visiting the city you naturally want to be fully prepared with all your travel essentials on hand to avoid inconvenience. Here is a sample list of recommended things you should include on your checklist:

• Passport

• Immunization records, if possible

• Euros

• Sunglasses

• Flat shoes

• Sunscreen

• Power adapters

• Italian-English dictionary or phrasebook

Key Information

Cash is king. The majority of Italians prefer to transact and pay for goods and services in cash. If you have grown accustomed to paying using your credit card or debit card, it is a good idea to bring along some cash as well, since even decent sized restaurants are used to receiving this as the primary mode of payment. However, when dealing with your Rome luxury hotel or purchasing tickets in train stations, credit cards are readily acceptable.

Appropriate clothing. When in the city you will be no doubt be visiting many of the popular attractions which include Catholic churches. In order to enter the holy sites the shoulders and knees should be covered, especially when you are entering the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Holy See. You should avoid wearing shorts, and short dresses and skirts to enter these sacred buildings.

Empty restaurants don’t mean substandard food. It is human nature to consider only going to eating establishments that are well patronised by locals and tourists, as this is usually an indication that the food and service is good. This may not be the case when choosing Italian restaurants, however, as Italians are known to eat late – with dinner often enjoyed around 8 pm or even later. So if you prefer to eat following your usual early schedule, keep in mind that a lack of customers should not necessarily reflect badly on the establishment.…

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Discover Channels For The Best Hotel Deals

Discover Channels For The Best Hotel Deals

Unless money is no object, most travelers object to it being a constant reminder of why they need to source for hotel deals when planning for their holidays. Since reality often bites one in the least comforting position, it is best to leave things be and get on with the program. Traveling in a group is akin to buying in bulk. With more heads in the party, the cheaper the package gets. As such, it pays to inform the hotel accordingly as a single booking for ten rooms often costs much less than the combined prices of ten individual room bookings. Long stays are also entitled to similar treatment as most guests pop in for the weekend and rarely stay beyond a week.

Most, if not all, hotels set up web sites to establish an online presence. Internet offers may sometimes differ from those offered directly by the hotel. By calling their reservations desk, one may be able to obtain prices matching their online room rate with possible further discounts. Otherwise, ask for room upgrades and freebies to be thrown in as reservations staff may be empowered to accommodate requests of a reasonable nature. Since good manners go a long way, it also never hurts to ask nicely.

By joining a hotel’s loyalty program, members may be entitled to hotel deals not available to those outside the circle. Since some hotels may also be affiliated with airline programs, accumulate relevant air miles to exchange them for further discount on accommodation. Hotels which feature lowest rate guarantees also promise to reward their guests upon presenting evidence of online rates lower than theirs offered. Price comparison sites are generally the best tools to scour for such information. Guests may then be rewarded with benefits such as additional discounts over and above the online room rates, free nights, points and gifts.…

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The Hotels Near Gurgaon Are Great With Services

The Hotels Near Gurgaon Are Great With Services

The city of Gurgaon is visited by people for both work and for pleasure. It is an industrial city, with a strong financial base, and the tourism aspects of the city strengthen it even more. There are numerous entertainment opportunities, and excitement lurks at every corner to allow you to enjoy a pleasurable stay. What you need to do is to make sure that you book the hotel well in time and plan the tour right, and thus will have your vacation itinerary arranged properly.


The Gurgaon resorts, without any doubt, are the best places to stay during your vacation or business meeting. The metropolis is a place of fun, as much as it a place for commercial activity. You can enjoy from a plethora of activities ranging from shopping, tasting different authentic foods, enjoying a night out at the clubs and bars to having an introspective time at the stunning temples. The night life in the city is vibrant and cheerful, allowing you to get rid of all your stress. If you want to enjoy tourist spots then you can find that too in the city.

The Sultanpur National Park Bird Sanctuary is a very famous hot spot for nature lovers. For people who are interested in the avian life, this sanctuary is an open invitation. You can enjoy the views of different migratory birds like the Siberian Crane in the month of October. There are many different sections of the sanctuary, with beautifully decorated areas full of green trees. You can pick any area for a perfect bird watching.

If you are looking to relax and rejuvenate, then you must visit the Leisure Valley Park. It is a well decorated and maintained park with green tress, flowers, and lively green grasses. You can enjoy a picnic with your family or friends. This tranquil area soothes your throbbing and aching nerves and of course your parched soul.

Places to Stay:

Gurgaon resorts, located in the prime areas of the city, offer stupendous accommodation for every type of traveler form the extravagant to people on a shoe-string budget. These taverns are astonishing, with an array of great services waiting for you. They have well furnished rooms with AC, television and comfortable beds. These inns have their own kitchen and thus you can order meals in your room. You can also enjoy the pool area and the gaming rooms. A few of these resorts have gymnasium and fitness center to ensure that you don’t miss your daily fitness routine.

There are plenty of options for your accommodation, and if you have a budget to maintain or some special needs then use the internet to find hotels in the city which provide you with those. The hotels near Gurgaon will surely make sure that you find the comfort you are looking for.…