5 Compelling Reasons to Use a Hotel Mystery Shopping Service

5 Compelling Reasons to Use a Hotel Mystery Shopping Service

Hotels can spend huge amounts outfitting their establishments – extensive advertising campaigns, staff training and corporate branding and placement – yet have their investments thwarted and businesses seriously jeopardised by neglecting to monitor that their establishment’s procedures, standards and policies are conscientiously complied with by all staff members.

Many establishments, confident that they have created a sophisticatedly marketed, exemplary venue, are mistaken in thinking they can now rest, assuming that serious new and repeat client traffic will naturally flow. However, such complacency in the competitive world of quality accommodation can be the demise of a business. One unsatisfactory client experience, with product or service, can cause catastrophic and far reaching damage, irreparably tarnishing their reputation in one fell swoop.

Investment in ongoing and comprehensive staff training is the cornerstone upon which any businesses success rests. In the highly competitive world of hospitality and accommodation attention to detail is essential. Consistency and quality control are imperative to ensure a thriving business that enjoys valuable return clients and a positive industry reputation – hotel mystery shopping is an effective way of ensuring such an outcome. An investment in this area is guaranteed to:

Assure ongoing quality standards.

Improve the average rates of your quality standards.

Lift the sales performance of your employees and give an accurate representation of a typical “sales flow”.

Gain insightful and detailed reports and analysis of service weaknesses and strengths.

Provide the in-depth information you need to make informed decisions to improve your business.

Hotel mystery shopping services utilise the skills of thoroughly trained, undercover ‘testers’ who systematically analyse and check the service quality in all areas of your establishment and focus on quality performance benchmarking and development. Detailed industry and context specific reports can highlight trends, competitive performance and provide powerful market analysis. Quality assurance and service delivery consistency are imperative in the competitive world of quality accommodation and a comprehensive, bespoke program for your business can provide businesses with an invaluable tool for identifying and assessing all aspects of staff training and service delivery.

By incorporating the ongoing services of hotel mystery shopping experts into your operation you can be assured that you will have a valuable, insightful and lasting evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your hotel, linked to your particular quality and performance standards. In addition to delivering an across-the-board picture of the quality of your establishment “through the eyes of a guest” you are supplied with extremely useful signposts with which to inform the improvement of your facility.