6 Best Places to See While On Holiday in Bermuda

6 Best Places to See While On Holiday in Bermuda

The Island of Bermuda is comprised of several small and big islands that are linked to one another by bridges and pathways. The place is located in the length of the Cape Hatteras shoreline in North Carolina. All its pink sandy beaches are well-known around the world due to their magnificence. Thus, Bermuda holidays are now one of the most wanted getaway in the world.

While on vacation in this paradise, there are lots of activities to choose from and all are intended to make the islands’ visitor’s vacation worthwhile. Apart from their famous beaches, there are other sights to see in this island and they are:

St. George town

Are you interested to know more about Bermuda? If so, then visiting this town is a must. You will instantly learn about the people and culture of Bermuda once you set your eyes in this lovely place.

Apart from the sight-seeing around town, you can also dine in restaurants that serve authentic Bermudan cuisines and delectable seafood too. You can also try their bars and shop for souvenirs in stores around the vicinity.

Horseshoe Bay and Chaplin beach

These are one of the finest beaches that you can find in Bermuda. These shorelines are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving since their water is teeming with beautiful marine creature. Hotel accommodations in these beaches are easy on the pocket so they are money-saver.

Zoo and Aquarium

This is one place that is never left out from the itinerary for Bermuda holidays. You will get to see various animals and tortoises in the zoo while the aquarium is full of fishes, seahorses, and other marine creatures including sharks.

Botanical Gardens

When you are in the mood for walking to relax and enjoy the sights, then the best place to do this is the Botanical garden. Mornings and afternoons are the best time for long leisurely walks.

What to see in this garden? Wide range of plants, orchids and cacti are being showcased in this garden. There is also a little craft store in the area so you can also do your shopping for souvenirs or little gifts for your friends and family back home.

St. David’s Lighthouse and Gibb’s Hill Signal Station

One of the best tourist spots in Bermuda is the lighthouses. Although the main purpose of these structures is to guide sailors, they have become a much loved tourist attraction. On the other hand, shop for souvenirs or enjoy a cup of tea at Gibb’s Hill Signal Station.

Astwood Cove

A lot of couples who wished to have their wedding in Bermuda choose Astwood cove. Nevertheless, the place is really perfect for weddings because of the exquisite setting. For regular tourists, this is the best place around the island to have a picnic or short walks while enjoying the nature.

Lastly, no Bermuda holidays will ever be complete without dropping by the famous underground caves. In this case, one of the most excellent caves to see is the Crystal cave. Visiting this spot will give you the chance to see the glistening stalagmites and stalactites that have been in existence for about a million years ago, they never stop growing up to this date. And while inside the cave, you can walk through pontoons to explore the floor of the cave since the waters are very clear.