A Little Girl’s Adventures

A Little Girl’s Adventures


I love to skate. It is my favorite sport, so that the first thing I packed was my roller blades.

Then, I helped my mom prepare all necessary things, we would need for the vacation.

After dad had checked the car, we all got ready for the trip.

And we saw a beautiful scenery as our car jogged along the jumpy road.

We arrived at my grandpa’s farm at around four o’clock in the afternoon.

It was a winsome Friday as I recalled that day vividly. I gasped in surprise, “Awesome!”

My grandpa’s house was big like a castle.

It was surrounded by flowers, trees and tempting fruits.

As soon as I greeted my grandparents, the first thing I did was to grab my rollers blades.

I put them on my overwrought feet. Then, I went on skating around the garage.

When my dad asked me to go fishing with him, I refused.

I was already happy and contented to just skate around with my dancing moves.

Truly, I had enjoyed every moment of it.

I spent the night beside my grandma. She was really delighted to have me.

I felt so homely by her warmth fondle, and loving arms wrapped around me.

No wonder I slept like greased lightning.

It was about nine o’clock in the morning when we had a nice picnic beside the river bank.

There, I finally made up my mind to go fishing with my dad.

And I was glad I did because, I caught a big fish… “Wow!”

I ran as fast as I could to where my grandpa and mom seated and showed them what I’d got.

I took their breath away when they saw the fish that I caught.

My grandma cooked the fish in charcoal kettle grill. It was delicious.

We were all full, happy and had a great time.

The following morning we packed our things for home.

As I had kissed my old folks, they had given me their blessings.

I am really missing them now.

I wish I could spent another, but this time a longer vacation with them.


The party was held in a Five-Star Hotel.

The place was fantastic and great.

I met a lot of interesting people.

As I walked around the ballroom everybody stared with mouth opened.

They were all admiring me with my white and elegant dress, that I wore that night.

I was sure, I looked gorgeous, because some of the young girls in the party were jealous.

There were some good-looking young men who danced with me.

One of them said, “Hey you look so pretty and you dance gracefully”.

I enjoyed dancing with him too.

Since then, we became close friends.

I was over the moon that I was invited in that grand party.

Because if I were not, I could never have met that handsome young man who is my boyfriend at present.

I met my prince in that party, so I would never forget it.