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Experience the World Class Rome Hotels

Experience the World Class Rome Hotels

The journey of the city of Rome started during 10th century BC as a small agricultural community. It was founded on the Italian peninsula located on the bank of Mediterranean Sea. It became one of largest empires of the ancient world. The roman civilization dominated it through many conquests. Its development in the ancient times still influences today. The city was great center for law, art, war, architecture, technology, festival, religion, language, culture, paintings and sculptures. It has contributed a lot to the development of other part of world. The history of Rome is still known and influencing to the rest of the world. People across the world like to visit this highly developed metro of ancient times. The city has still all its ancient monument, art and civilization in the museums. You can view everything in the museums that represents ancient Rome. Rome has many other unique arts which are existence of skilled artisan of Rome. The Roman civilization has brought major development to the city. Rome is also known to have world’s biggest open air museum. It is most photogenic city in the world.

If you are here in a tourist plan you must explore all the most famous destinations that are truly worth to visit. Such destinations which are top in the list of the tourist are Trevi fountain, Colosseum, The Vatican, St, Peter’s square, Spanish steps. The city is also a romantic place for newly wed couples. This is a favorite holiday destination to millions of people and a fashionable city for fashionable people. A lot of sight seeing and tourist attraction places are found in plenty. For a tourist you have restaurants, world class hotels, pubs, entertainment, park, coffee house and beaches to fulfill every need. Every individual has his own preference and for everybody, Rome has something to offer. You will like to stay here more when your vacation will come to end. You will think to reschedule your travel plan. May be you can plan to come here again for a much leisure time. From the tourist sight, the city is ancient and modern. It is visitor’s observation for which purpose they have come here. For those who want to see ancient Rome, there is much to see and for modern viewers the city is available to celebrate in modern style.

Just as Rome is world famous destination so are the hotels of Rome. The hotels are easily available during off season. During peak season you may find difficulty in finding a hotel room. Due to increasing number of visitors every year, the tourist graph is rising and the demand for hotel keeps increasing every year. If you have planned your travel to Rome in advance, never forget to book your hotels first especially if you travelling during peak season. Also book your travel to avoid last minute problems. All hotel information is provided on web and you can choose your preferred hotel to book. Rome hotels are reasonable priced and lavished with all facilities for their customers.…

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Los Angeles Hotel Reviews – The Luxe

Los Angeles Hotel Reviews – The Luxe

The Luxe is owned by Luxe Worldwide, a Los Angeles based company. Featuring 160 beautifully appointed non smoking guest rooms and suites, an outdoor heated pool, a fitness suite, concierge services, complimentary daily newspaper, safe deposit boxes, a Business Center, 24 hour in-room dining, the Luxe Lounge Bar, Valet parking, a tennis court, spa, turndown service, laundry, dry cleaning and pressing service, Wi-Fi, secretarial services, the On Sunset restaurant, and the Luxe Boutique why would you even consider going anywhere else?

Designed by famous designer Mary McDonald, the 160 rooms are beautifully simple in their elegance. With natural, relaxing colors like cream, taupe and brown, and custom furnishings, you will sleep wonderfully in a bed complete with feather comforters and designer sheets. Each room has lovely amenities including 2 telephones, voicemail, stocked refreshment center, flat screen TV, iPod docking station, custom duvet, hairdryer, Luxe bathrobes, Wi-Fi, a safe, and a coffeemaker. All guest suites have doors or windows with a beautiful view of the wondrous grounds.

While at the Luxe be sure to check out their restaurant, On Sunset. Powered by Chef Olivier Rousselle, their cuisine is in the Californian and spa style. You can even make reservations online and view the menu while you are at it. On Sunday mornings there is a Jazz Brunch that shouldn’t be missed.

Los Angeles, California is full of hotels that have spas and the Luxe is certainly one of that number. However, what sets the Luxe apart is that the Spa Director, Carrie Reinagel, has put together a number of ways to “Spa at Home” to keep you relaxed and rejuvenated even when you can’t get to the spa. While at the spa however, you can indulge yourself with private instruction in Laughter Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi or Personal training, massages, spa parties, facials, wraps, and many other spa treatments.

The Luxe offers a great place for your corporate meetings and or events as well. With Los Angeles being such a hub for businesses and corporate headquarters the Luxe has been sure to incorporate the needs of today’s businesses into their overall image as well. With complimentary Valet parking, a business Center with Macs and PCs available, complete concierge services, Wi-Fi, and complimentary morning newspapers you’re next event should be planned here. You can get a special Corporate rate for your event as well.

With Los Angeles being the cultural hot spot that it is, the Luxe has compiled a list of the top ten things to do or see while you are there. These include the Getty Center which is a museum, the UCLA Armand Hammer Museum, the Geffen Playhouse, Brentwood Village, Rodeo Drive, the Skirball Cultural Center which is also a museum, the UCLA Fowler Museum, Westwood Village, the Will Rogers State Historic Park, and Century City. The Luxe also offers private tennis classes to their guests. These classes are taught by their celebrity tennis pro Chris Ojakian and his team. They are available for private training as well as corporate events and are able to design and customize any tennis event you might need or want. They are available to do anything from personal training to instructional camps and are awaiting your call to get started.

Convenient to Los Angeles International Airport and other popular Los Angeles attractions, transportation is never a problem. From rental cars to limousines and even cabs, transportation can be arranged by yourself or the Luxe concierge for your convenience.

The Luxe has made sure that the environment is peaceful, inviting and rejuvenating. All that the Luxe needs now is you. What are you waiting for?…

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Hotel Marketing & The Benefits of Video Production

Hotel Marketing & The Benefits of Video Production

Visibility is absolutely crucial to the travel industry and if a hotel or hotel group really wants to get its messages across to as wide an audience as possible, video needs to be an integral component of its online marketing strategy. If not, even good quality hotels will struggle to get noticed online and soon find themselves behind the competition. Here’s why;

(1) Internet shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy and have come to expect an abundance of information about a hotel before making a booking. Video is the perfect medium to deliver this information because it allows potential guests to view a hotel’s rooms and facilities in action, providing much greater insight than still photos and / or static text, greatly increasing the possibility of a booking.

(2) By featuring its staff, video offers a fantastic opportunity to provide any hotel with a much-needed human face. People connect with people.

(3) By providing an authentic, engaging and realistic portrayal of hotel, video can have an emotional impact that the written word struggles to match.

(4) Videos are far more authoritative than the written word. People tend believe what they can see, far more than what they read.

(5) The human mind is programmed to remember pictures and images far better than the things we hear or read.

(6) Hotel videos improves the ‘stickiness’ of a website and statistic regularly show that they increases conversion rates.

(7) Video streamed online is an environmentally friendly communications tool. It reduces paper usage, as well as the enormous carbon footprint associated with large scale mail-shots.

(8) Hotel videos are great for SEO. They can be repurposed and propagated online, driving highly-targeted traffic to a hotel’s website.

(9) Hotel video production is increasingly affordable and accessible. A high quality video can be made for a relatively small amount of money.

(10) Videos are incredibly versatile and therefore highly cost-effective, allowing any hotel to make its marketing budget go further. Videos, for example, can be streamed online, included on e-mail signatures, duplicated onto DVDs, used in one-on-one meetings or at large scale events. The right video can serve a hotel’s needs for a long period of time and the footage can also be easily re-edited for use in future productions.

(11) Free hosting websites continue to emerge and when used in tandem with these sites, videos can become even more powerful marketing tools.

(12) The viral potential of videos means that information can be distributed much quicker and much farther than conventional methods.

(13) Videos can be specifically tailored to appeal to hard-to-reach demographics.

However, to capture the attention of an online audience notorious for its short attention span, it is very important to produce unique and creative videos with production values that mirror the standards of service on offer.

That’s why it’s usually a job best left to the professionals.…

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7 Ways to Get Cheap Airline Tickets Without Waiting for a Promo!


In addition to many reasons, the absence of airfare promo is one of the reasons why trips often end in discourse. But don’t be sad, you just need to know the following things so you can get cheap airline tickets at any time, without depending your fate on promotions.

1. Determine the travel period

It’s no secret that transportation modes will charge exorbitant rates when the high season comes. Choose a vacation time in the gentle months, for example September-November and February-April.

In addition, the day and date also have a lot of influence. Usually tickets after the 20s are cheaper than ordering at the beginning of the month. Also avoid traveling on weekends starting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if you don’t want to suddenly get bored at the end of the month.

2. Learn the airline’s lowest price promo

Here you need extra work to research and compare prices from certain airlines, whether during promos or not. Make sure again whether the price offered is indeed the lowest price or it can still be cheap again.

By diligently looking at ticket prices on the website or Online Travel Agent (OTA), over time you will get used to it and can immediately understand the price changes.

3. Become a member and actively update the latest info promo

In today’s modern and digital era, social media is one of the fastest platforms for disseminating information, including if there are promo for air tickets. So don’t forget to follow the social media accounts of airlines and travel agents.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter via email for the latest updates . Even though you’re not a discount hunter, if you happen to have cheap tickets, why not , right?

4. Use OTA with special features

Online Travel Agents (OTA) are now very mushrooming. We as consumers finally benefit because the fierce competition between OTAs makes them vying to be the best. One of them is in developing features in the application.…

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Finding a Boutique Hotel For Your Rhodes Holidays

Finding a Boutique Hotel For Your Rhodes Holidays

Rhodes is the biggest and one of the all time favorite Islands for tourists. It is a part of Dodecanese islands situated near the Aegean Sea. The capital city of Rhodes is located towards the northern tip of the island. Appealing locations, picturesque views and beaches all make Rhodes holidays the perfect one for tourists. Old Town of the Rhodes Island is amongst the best conserved medieval towns of the world. It is also declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The inhabitants of Rhodes Island are very hospitable. They follow their traditions and customs. When it comes to celebrations, they always celebrate their festivals traditionally. In the festivals and special occasions they perform customary dances of Greek culture. These special dances include the sirtos, the sousta, the kalamatianos performed on the music of flute & violin. These attractions in Rhodes compels you to plan Rhodes holidays ideas.

Just after deciding any destination for vacations, next thing that comes into mind is the hotel. However this is the most frustrating point to think on because you always need to take a look at your budget.

K Boutique Hotel for your Rhodes holidays

If you are looking for a boutique Hotel for your Rhodes holidays then K Boutique Hotel is the best choice for you. K Boutique Hotel is located in Ixia only 10 km away from the airport. This hotel offers the best entertainment, exclusive style, and perfect fashion. Walking all the way through the hotel, you are squeezed by the charming fragrance of rosemary and the mild gentle wind upcoming from the sea.


K Boutique Hotel presents many indoor and outdoor facilities to their guests. All the rooms are well equipped with Vivid and elegantly adorned equipment and with light timber furniture. The stylish rooms of the K Boutique Hotel are really attractive which along with quality services motivate you to stay here for longer.

Every room and bathroom is fully outfitted with equipments such as Mini bar, double paned glass windows, centrally air conditioning and heating system, Satellite TV, Safety box and telephone. Broadband internet access is also available for all guests in every room.

The facility of an outdoor perpetuity pool with sun lounge is also available within a pleasant surrounding garden. A bar open kitchen presents buffet breakfast with everything you want. Lunch and dinner are also served at different bars with many facilities.

Fitness & Spa centre is also very well equipped. It is run by a qualified counselor who uses the premier feature products and massage treatment. These facilities will definitely make your Rhodes holidays perfect. K Boutique Hotel gives you the ideal ambience which you always wanted to have.

Price Rates:

The cost per lodging in K Boutique Hotel differs by certain criteria. One is season and the other is room type. The Superior suites cost 70 Euros in low season which goes up to 165 Euros during peak season. Similarly the cost of Executive Suites Jacuzzi and Executive Suites Pool ranges from 130 Euros to 275 Euros depending on the season. You can get additional information about K Boutique Hotel and reserve online at their official website: …

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Best Wining and Dining Spots and Reviews Around Hotel Stockholm

Best Wining and Dining Spots and Reviews Around Hotel Stockholm

There are plenty of night clubs and bars in Stockholm. There are choices for quite places with low background music or turbulent and funky nightclubs for dancing. Stockholm is generally a busy place at night. The only drawback is the high expenses; most night clubs, bars and restaurants are relatively expensive. The nights are very lively on weekends and Wednesdays with plenty of activities going on.

Stockholm is amongst the Europe’s most visited tourist destination. Like with other popular tourist destinations, Stockholm hotel provide high quality standards at the most competitive prices. It is therefore very easy for travelers with a little budget to find high quality cheap hotels and restaurants. All budget tourists or travelers not only want to find affordable budget accommodation or simply cheap hotels but also a good value for their resources. The idea of budget travelling is to save on hotel and accommodation expenses in order to have enough money left for such activities as sightseeing and nightlife.

Among the popular restaurants is Eriks gondolen located at Stadsg?�rden 6, at the heart of Stockholm city. The restaurant provides a wonderful collection of food as and cocktails. The high elevation offers a panoramic view of the waters around and the Stockholm city. There is also a restaurant named “F12” that provides a combination of season ingredients and innovative cooking. This is the best place for budget travelers since the prices are amazingly very low. The restaurant has friendly front staff who can give directions to the train station and advice on the best places in town.

The most popular joints for wining and dining around the famous accommodation named hotel Stockholm are Skansen and Kungstr?�dgarden. Other to go for tasty bear, good meal and afterwards dance the night away places include: Biblios, Sloppys, Caf?� opera, Stampen, Faldi club, Gondolen, Oscarsteatern, La isla, Dramaten and Sturehof.

Stockholm is amongst the Europe’s most visited tourist destination. Like with other popular tourist destinations, several Stockholm hotels provide high quality standards at the most competitive prices. It is therefore very easy for travelers who have little money to find high quality cheap Stockholm hotels and restaurants. All budget tourists or travelers not only want to find affordable budget accommodation or simply cheap hotels but also a good value for their resources.

Some of the most frequently visited restaurants near Hotel Stockholm include the following:

“Den gyldene freden”: The price levels are relatively high. The restaurant offers mouth-watering French-Swedish cuisine. The restaurant provides a poetic atmosphere with regular visitors being legendary Swedish poets like Taube, Bellman and Zorn.

“Eriks gondolen”: located at Stadsg?�rden 6, at the heart of Stockholm city. The restaurant provides a wonderful collection of foods as well as cocktails. It high elevation offers a panoramic view of the waters around and the Stockholm city.

“F12”: provides a combination of season ingredients and innovative cooking. This is the best place for budget travelers since the prices are amazingly very low. The restaurant has friendly front staff who can give directions to the train station and advice on the best places in town.

“Lindbergh”: Located at Lilla Nygatan in Stockholm. Lindbergh provides an unforgettable eating experience. The restaurants provide a unique relaxing atmosphere for eating. The food prices are relatively less expensive, a complete meal plus a drink goes for a little less than $10.…

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Top 5 Most Popular Hill Stations in India

Top 5 Most Popular Hill Stations in India

Running around from office to home, managing an ailing mother, a house under renovation and the rush of year-end in the office was driving Ramona out of wits. When things were a little settled she just decided to give herself the much needed respite by planning to visit an Indian hill station.

Being a Sri Lankan, many of her friends talked about the cool environs, lush green hills and mouth watering cuisine that was always available in a number of sumptuous varieties. Though she had often visited the country, but it was mostly as part of an official trip, which hardly ever left her with the time to relax and pamper herself with relaxed sightseeing. But she had heard about the popular destinations. Some of these were:

• Ooty: There was a time when the Britishers established this hill station in the early 19th century as the summer headquarters of the Chennai government. It has now evolved into a soothing and serene destination that can help to escape the summer heat of Tamil Nadu. Ooty Hill Station most popular attractions are the Botanical Gardens, boating in the Ooty Lake, and trekking to reach Dodabetta Peak for an excellent view of the Nilgiri hills.

• Nainital: This lovely destination is part of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state and was once upon a time a popular summer retreat of the British. It still harbours the serene and emerald colored Naini Lake that is surrounded by the action filled Mall lined with restaurants, shops, hotels, and market.

• Kodaikanal: Nestled 120 kilometers from Madurai in the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal means “Gift of the Forest”. True to the meaning, the destination is full of many varieties of flora and fauna. The city also boasts of an annual horticultural show at the landscaped botanical Bryant Park in May where people enjoy the waterfalls, boating in the lake, along with simply walking on the nature trails. Herbs and aromatherapy oils are also some of the most interesting things to buy in the hill station of which eucalyptus oil is the most popular.

• Darjeeling: This famous hill station in West Bengal is full of lush tea gardens and is also blessed by the stunning view of Mount Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest peak. Some other popular attractions include the monasteries, botanical gardens, a zoo, and the longest cable car in Asia- Darjeeling-Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway cable car. Darjeeling Hill Station also a wonderful place to walk around, and explore the tea estates and greenery around.

• Shimla: The summer capital of erstwhile British Raj is now the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. Well-known for its wonderfully cool and charming town that sprawls along a mountain ridge and is almost enveloped in oak, pine and rhododendron forests. Famous for colonial style buildings and historic railways the place is always seem to be welcoming tourists with its old Christ Church having beautiful stained glass windows,the mesmerizing scenery from Scandal Point, and the Viceregal Lodge on the Observatory Hill.…