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Tips For Vacationing In Tampa Bay

If you’ve been on the fence about a particular area in Florida you should travel to for your next vacation destination, I highly recommend that you consider Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay offers an abundance of subtropical attractions. However, if you do decide to geo to Tampa Bay, there are a few things you should know beforehand. Here are some tips to consider.

1) Seasons

Even though Florida does not have fall or winter, they do have three seasons that you should be aware of. Hurricane season is between the months of June and November while the holiday season is between November and December. Tourist season or in other words, the best time for you to visit Tampa, is between January and May. However, you should be aware of the fact that hotel rates are at its highest during tourist season, meanwhile you will find the best rates during the hurricane season. Holdiday season on the other hand is also a great time to visit, as the city features lit up palm trees, cooler temperatures and various boat parades.

2) Fresh Water

The state of Florida is home to 1 million crocodiles and alligators. Their main place to reside is in fresh water throughout various areas of the state including tampa. As such, be sure to only swim in areas which is specifically marked as being safe for swimming.

3) Get Passes

When it comes to visiting the various tourist attracts Tampa has to offer, consider the possibility of getting the Tampa City Pass or any other pass for that matter. For instance, the Tampa City Pass will give you discounts to places such as the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Zoo Tampa, Florida Aquarium and the Museum of Science & Industry. If purchased separately, these attendant tickets would have cost you over $200 dollars. You also have the options of getting passes that give discounts to highway tolls, any tampa bay fl snook fishing charter activities, carnival attractions and more.

4) Diverse Culture

Another thing you should consider before your trip is the fact that the city attracts millions of people from all over the world on a yearly basis. A such, be prepared to be in the presence of different people from across the globe who are all there for a vacation as well.

5) Rip Currents

Rip currents can be best defined as being strong or fast moving current which moves out to the sea from the shore. The problem with rip currents is that they cannot be seen from the surface most of the times. In fact, every year several Floridians drown as a result of rip currents. As such, if you feel yourself being pulled, you need to swim in a parallel pattern to the shore .

6) Trash Awareness

Tampa is also home to an abundance of pests such as cockroaches and fire ants. However, if you do not want to come into contact with these kinds of pests be sure to store all food and clean up any trash you may have left behind such as bread crumbs. In addition to that, ensure that you dump your garbage on a regular basis.

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A Parent’s Role with Children Struggling with Focus and Control

Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a medical condition that affects brain development and activity that is involved with attention and self-control. The American Psychiatric Association estimates over eight percent of children and over two percent of adults struggle with this diagnosis. Children who struggle with ADHD can often be misunderstood or unfairly considered troubled kids. There are some things that parents can do to help a child who struggles with this issue.

Become More Knowledgeable about ADHD

Parents are the number one resource when it comes to teaching others about their child and when teaching the child. Parents need to talk to their child’s doctor to learn about ADHD, but talking to the doctor is not enough. There is a variety of learning material available including books, websites, and parent support groups. Parent support groups are a great way to see what other parents are doing to work with behaviors that closely resemble their own child’s. These groups allow parents to see that they are not alone and their child is not the only one. Other parents can recommend positive behavior programs, an adhd parenting podcast, and other resources that can help struggling parents who feel alone.

Listen to Children Who Struggle with ADHD

Parents can also learn from just listening to the child. Some children with ADHD explain that they often have a difficult time processing information that is said to them, so it could help to ask the child to repeat what they hear to check for understanding. Many times children can explain what they are feeling or why they reacted in a certain way. This can bring better communication between parent and child, and assist in teaching the child better coping and focus skills as they grow.

Should My Child Take Medication

According to some experts,medication for ADHD is often very successful. Medication should never be the first option for children who have ADHD. Parents need to try other means of working with their child and only medicate as a last resort. There are many positive behavior programs and small changes in communication that can be made by the adults before discussing the issue with their doctor. It is a good idea to work with a child’s teacher to see if the child’s school work is being effected before seeking medical assistance. A parent may also want to try exercise and sports as another way to help with focus and attention issues. If a parent decides that medication could help, then medication evaluations need to be conducted by a medical professional.

Having ADHD does not mean you cannot live a healthy and happy life. It just means that you may need more support to learn better focus and attention. These issues can be the underlining causes of behaviors or learning problems early on but with the right support, education, and sometimes medication children can learn what they need to be successful. Parents have a role in giving their children what they need as they grow and learn.…