Cruise Into a Cool Getaway

Cruise Into a Cool Getaway

Are you ready for a walk into a mysterious forest? Do you want to view over a thousand blooms of myriad hues? Do you want to meet the original people of the rainforests? As one the coolest tourist destination, Cameron Highlands reveals a natural world that visitors can enjoy with the Mossy Forest that evolves at Gunung Brinchang with primitive ferns, Rhododendrons, the carnivorous Pitcher Plant, Ti trees wild orchids and other exotic tropical plants. Families staying at beautiful Malaysia Cameron Highlands hotels would love to walk through the Mossy Forest and would be intrigued by the medicinal plants, wild spices, poisonous plants, flora and fauna. As a must-visit destination, the Boh – Sungei Palas Tea Plantation is a perfect place to take photographs, visit the tea factory, have a hot cuppa at the tea shop and shop for souvenirs.

Visitors will be fascinated with the Rose Center, Kea Farm with over 100 varieties of roses and the Rose Museum. With many places to see, families can admire the Butterfly Garden which is north of Brinchang that also showcases a range of plants. With its ideal climate, Cameron Highlands displays its luscious vegetable farms with many of them being organic farms, the Kea Farm which is also a market garden and the Brinchang Night Market. Visitors can wander through the Market Square and shop, visit the Sam Poh Buddhist Temple and the Green View Garden with its many delights that include delicious strawberry products, various flowering plants especially the Gerbera flower, a flower nursery and a great caf?�.

Enjoy an Exciting Vacation

Families having a cool vacation in Cameron Highlands can visit the Strawberry Farm, the Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm, Bharat Tea Plantation, Sg Palas Boh Tea Plantation and the Cactus Valley. Lovers of Nature can go on a jungle trek and view the famous Rafflesia flowerwhich is the largest flower in the world that lasts only four to five days and will not bloom for many months. Visitors and their families can explore the Time Tunnel or Cameron Highlands Historical Museum, get a wonderful view from the tower at the top of Mount Brinchang with its fabulous vista that displays the verdant surroundings and the rainforest mountain range.

Tourists staying at cozy accommodation rooms can take off to view or hike through the renowned Mount Gunung Irau which is 6900 feet or 2110 meters in height being the 15th tallest range in Malaysia and the highest peak in Cameron Highlands. As an exciting excursion, visitors can take off to see the Lata Iskander and the Parit Waterfalls and have a swim at a natural pool. Visitors can interact with the unique Orang Asli tribe who live in the forest areas. Known as the original people, these ethnic groups have been categorized as Proto-Malay, Senoi and Negrito. These forest dwellers cultivate and grow petai, rice, rattan, resins and durian besides hunting with a blow-pipe and other instruments. Tourists can relax and enjoy the great cuisine besides celebrating the spirit of freedomat a gorgeous Cameron Highland hotel.

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