Discovering the Taste of Rome

Discovering the Taste of Rome

While a holiday in a Rome luxury hotel may count as among one of life’s lavish pleasures, there is still an opportunity to experience life’s simple joys in the capital of Italy. Wandering around, window-shopping, discovering masterpieces that are not only found inside museums and galleries but right outside, on the streets themselves – there are so many pleasurable activities to be enjoyed!

Take A Sip of Life

Eating and drinking are part of the Italian way of life, and proof of this can be found in every piazza and street corner of every city and town. Extravagant options may be had within one’s Rome luxury hotel and its immediate surroundings, but to enjoy la viva Roma the way the Romans do, it’s best to go out ‘in giro’ – getting out and about to discover the authentic taste of the city.

Fabulous Frascati

It has been said that Frascati is the most often-mentioned wine in Italian literature, and if you step out of your Rome luxury hotel to see how the locals enjoy it you’ll find out why! After all, if ever there was a wine the city is known for it is Frascati. Grown, aged and bottled in the countryside for almost two thousand years, this distinctive Roman vintage is referred to as the Golden Wine – both for its colour and its value. It has become part and parcel of the cultural and economic traditions of the city.

The very popularity of Frascati ensures that it is easy to find; there will be enoteche stocking Frascati close to any Rome luxury hotel. If you’re a wine buff, however, a visit to Al Vino Al Vino is in order. Enthusiasts will enjoy this friendly establishment with over 500 wines and other spirits, as well as Sicilian-inspired food to go with them. As for enoteche or wine shops, there are many found on almost every street, but a couple worth mentioning are the Antica Enoteca di Via Croce where artists converge, and the cosy Il Goccetto.

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Glorious Grappa

This is one of Italy’s most popular traditional drinks – and easy to find within the vicinity of any Rome luxury hotel. Made from pomace – which includes the grape skins, seeds and stalks left over from the winemaking process – and made to undergo further distillation, this is a drink that is distinctly Italian, with its name protected by the EU. Only grappa sourced and produced in Italy can bear the name. It is interesting to note that the best wines do not necessarily make the best grappa, and there are now flavoured grappas with almond, honey, blueberry and cedro – Italy’s version of an oversized lemon.

The Poli Grappa museum on Ponti Vecchio is a great place to visit, featuring information on the history of grappa and the distillation process, as well as tastings to sample some of Poli’s products. Tours of the distillery can also be arranged.

Fernet Branca

A household name in Italy and a cult hit abroad, Fernet Branca is one of Italy’s more unusual drinks. Its thick, bitter flavour makes it something of an acquired taste, but it’s definitely a new experience!


Paris may be the tops in many people’s minds when it comes to coffee and caf?�s, but one could be so bold as to claim that there is no comparison between good Roman espresso and anything the French can offer in terms of coffee. There are coffee bars all over Rome, ranging from the high-end caf?� in your Rome luxury hotel, to the rough-and-ready kiosks serving up espresso to commuters in the larger metro stations.

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