Getting Married in South Australia

Getting Married in South Australia

Whether it’s one of the luxury Barossa Valley hotels or retreats, one of the many stunning churches in Adelaide, or the beach at any of the peninsulas, your options for breathtaking wedding and reception venues in South Australia are endless.

Organising the big day, knowing where to start and even where to hold the event can be a challenge, even with so many options. Some tips for arranging your South Australia wedding include:

1. Wedding supplies and event managers

When it comes to planning your wedding and reception, you want it made as simple as possible so you can just enjoy the big day. Independent event managers are in abundance in South Australia, particularly in Adelaide. They will help you select venues, and then every subsequent item that will make your day memorable. If a planner from day one isn’t your style, most venues will offer you the service of their own event manager for your big day. In this case, the manager generally helps only with the reception, however will also help with the wedding if it’s onsite, or can give local advice if it isn’t. The second option is usually cheaper, as the event manager may come as part of the reception package, where as an independent will send you a separate bill.

2. When to get married

South Australia, being in the lower part of Australia and further from the equator, can get colder than the northern states in winter, but won’t generally experience the unbearable hot weather they are prone to in summer. Where in most areas, Spring is highly considered to be the best time to get married, in South Australia, Spring, as well as Autumn and Summer offer very suitable conditions. You may risk rain in either of the two shoulder seasons, however you may also get the opportunity to hold your wedding in a vineyard, among the beautiful colours of surrounding Autumn leaves, or in a garden as flowers start blossoming for Spring. Have a look at weather patterns for the previous years to get an idea of the conditions and temperature and always have a back up location — no matter where you get married — if you plan to hold the ceremony outdoors.

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3. Where to marry

This is a big question in South Australia — because there is so much stunning scenery and many completely contrasting options. The Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills, renowned wine districts, offer some of the most beautiful countryside in Australia, combined with amazing venues and food, and that renowned luxury Barossa Valley accommodation — resorts, retreats, farm stays, vineyards and bed and breakfasts.

Alternatively, Adelaide is both beautiful and easy to access for interstate and overseas attendees. Known as ‘the city of churches’, Adelaide offers an abundance of stunning religious venues for those more inclined towards a traditional wedding. In addition, it also boasts lovely parklands and gardens as well as five star venues.

If a beach wedding is what you want, you don’t need to travel to the Whitsundays. South Australia offers a number of beautiful peninsulas and coastlines that provide ocean views that will inspire awe. Surrounded by small townships, and lovely venues, your beach or cliff-top wedding will be a memory to last a life time.