Hotel Marketing & The Benefits of Video Production

Hotel Marketing & The Benefits of Video Production

Visibility is absolutely crucial to the travel industry and if a hotel or hotel group really wants to get its messages across to as wide an audience as possible, video needs to be an integral component of its online marketing strategy. If not, even good quality hotels will struggle to get noticed online and soon find themselves behind the competition. Here’s why;

(1) Internet shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy and have come to expect an abundance of information about a hotel before making a booking. Video is the perfect medium to deliver this information because it allows potential guests to view a hotel’s rooms and facilities in action, providing much greater insight than still photos and / or static text, greatly increasing the possibility of a booking.

(2) By featuring its staff, video offers a fantastic opportunity to provide any hotel with a much-needed human face. People connect with people.

(3) By providing an authentic, engaging and realistic portrayal of hotel, video can have an emotional impact that the written word struggles to match.

(4) Videos are far more authoritative than the written word. People tend believe what they can see, far more than what they read.

(5) The human mind is programmed to remember pictures and images far better than the things we hear or read.

(6) Hotel videos improves the ‘stickiness’ of a website and statistic regularly show that they increases conversion rates.

(7) Video streamed online is an environmentally friendly communications tool. It reduces paper usage, as well as the enormous carbon footprint associated with large scale mail-shots.

(8) Hotel videos are great for SEO. They can be repurposed and propagated online, driving highly-targeted traffic to a hotel’s website.

(9) Hotel video production is increasingly affordable and accessible. A high quality video can be made for a relatively small amount of money.

(10) Videos are incredibly versatile and therefore highly cost-effective, allowing any hotel to make its marketing budget go further. Videos, for example, can be streamed online, included on e-mail signatures, duplicated onto DVDs, used in one-on-one meetings or at large scale events. The right video can serve a hotel’s needs for a long period of time and the footage can also be easily re-edited for use in future productions.

(11) Free hosting websites continue to emerge and when used in tandem with these sites, videos can become even more powerful marketing tools.

(12) The viral potential of videos means that information can be distributed much quicker and much farther than conventional methods.

(13) Videos can be specifically tailored to appeal to hard-to-reach demographics.

However, to capture the attention of an online audience notorious for its short attention span, it is very important to produce unique and creative videos with production values that mirror the standards of service on offer.

That’s why it’s usually a job best left to the professionals.