Hotels in Pahalgam Kashmir

Hotels in Pahalgam Kashmir

Hotel selection is the most important part of the planning you do before visiting any place. It is the experience of your stay in a hotel that may make or break your trip. Selecting the “best Hotel in Pahalgam” has never been this easy – Just wait till you finish reading this page and you shall surprise yourself with your knowledge of Pahalgam hotels.

Pahalgam – ” the vale of shepherds ” boasts of hotels of all categories and to suit every budget. The lack of an implemented star system and absence of any uniform rating leaves all this work for the traveller and that is you. But this presents an opportunity that is the dream of every traveller – to be able to bargain for a better deal. Here is how to go out and get the best price. Just follow 3 easy steps and its done.

Step 1: Start and book early. This is the most important steps and may save you upto 30 percent of the tour cost. Advantages include:

Maximum available choices.

Guaranteed room booking.

No “all sold out ” and “rooms not available” boards.

Huge savings on your flight tickets (a bonus!!).

No cost escalations (It is a common practice to escalate prices when demand rises and supply falls).

No last minute worries – you are on a leisure trip.

Step 2: Choose your hotel.

Simply go to Google and search for the phrase “Hotels in Pahalgam Kashmir” and out of the results, check out the websites of each and every hotel giving about a minute to each of them. Particularly check the room photos, facilities available and tariff links.

Shortlist at lease three hotels and get in touch with them to see whether they are responsive. You can mail them your requirements and ask for any discounts available for your desired dates. Clear your doubts, if any from the hotel support itself.

Sometimes the hotels may arrange local sight seeing trips for you which may be quite economical but it is always better to decide on that once you have checked in.

Step 3: Cross Check and Confirm.

Now check out your local travel agents on the deals they have to offer. You shall have an edge now since you already have the knowledge of the hotels in Pahalgam Kashmir.

Just take the quotes from the travel agent, come home and compare with those you have got yourself. If the difference in minor, go with the travel agent. Else, book the hotel directly and save the money for more fun.

Bonus Tip: For a never before experience, rent independent huts in Pahalgam. To find yours, just go to Google and search for the phrase “Independent Huts in Pahalgam”. Some good hotels have independent huts in addition to suites and rooms. You may consider staying there to get the best of both worlds.

So get going and have a memorable stay at Hotels in Pahalgam Kashmir.