Le Bristol Hotel Paris – Expensive But Excellent!

Le Bristol Hotel Paris – Expensive But Excellent!

Paris is a place for lovers to go to for romance and rekindling the flame. Paris is an expensive city, but only because there are so many amazing things that are offered to people. One of the most romantic places two people can go is the Eiffel Tower at sunset. When going up the tower there are many pieces of art being displayed on the inside on stands for you to look at. If you go to the second level you have the perfect view looking out over all of Paris. It is just breathtaking what you will see.

Le Bristol Hotel Paris is breathtaking on the outside and the inside and is not that far from the Eiffel Tower. They have a courtyard with tables set up so you can relax and enjoying the calming view. You can enjoy each others conversations while looking at the different trees and running water fountains. Nice quiet setting for snuggling up to each other.

The rooms are very spacious and have fresh flowers on the tables. If you want to enjoy a nice dinner and the views of the garden you can step out onto the balcony and have your romantic dinner in the Paris fresh air. If you do not want to eat in the room you can come down to the winter restaurant, it is very elegant with crystal glasses sitting on the tables. Fresh plants are placed around the room and sitting on tables for all to enjoy. It is lit up by many chandeliers giving off just the right amount of light. The walls are decorated with hand pained pictures that have great detail. The waiters were very friendly and quick and the food just makes the mouth water it is perfectly cooked and blended with the spices.

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Le Bristol Hotel has just the place for a person. It is called the Anne Semonin beauty salon and they do more then massages. They offer armor therapy treatments for the face or the body. This was heavenly and so relaxing. The employees are excellent and know what they are doing.

The Le Bristol Hotel has many services offered to the guests. There is a florist for purchasing fresh flowers. This could definitely set the mood of your evening by getting fresh flowers and going up to your room to surprise someone.

Le Bristol Hotel is expensive, but it is an excellent hotel and you will not be disappointed.

The Le Bristol Hotel Paris has many of the same things in common as the Eiffel Tower. There are beautiful gardens around for strolling in or just have a nice conversation. The restaurants in both serve cuisine you will want more of. There is art throughout that you can stop and enjoy and learn some things about Paris. Last but not least they both have breathtaking views that you will remember for years to come. Take plenty of pictures so you will always remember the evening you had a both places.