Macau Grand Prix – Feel The Speed!

Macau Grand Prix – Feel The Speed!

Known around the world for the scintillating gambling possibilities it offers, Macau is a magical city with plenty to offer the modern traveler. The city has quite a unique charm which manages to draw thousands of visitors to its shores on a regular basis. As the city is home to a populace made up of several nationalities, Macau is also rich in its cultural offerings. Another noteworthy aspect of the Macau travel experience is the chance to sample the local cuisine. With its cultural diversity, Macau cuisine is a unique blend of tastes and flavours which will no doubt please even the most severe food critic.

Competitive motor racing traces its roots to France and as far back as 1894. Soon after the first organized motor racing events took place, the sport soon became popular among the locals and it was clear that automobile racing was here to stay. As public awareness grew and the popularity of motor racing went beyond borders, automobile manufacturers were quick to notice the boost that the industry would gain if these events were to be held on an international level. Thus Grand Prix racing was born and in 1901 the Pau Grand Prix started off what was to become one of the most popular sports in the world.

The Macau Grand Prix is an annual motor racing event which usually takes place in the streets of Macau. This unique racing circuit reserves a special place among other circuits, as the Guia Circuit facilitates both motorcycle and car races. Approximately 300 racing car drivers from around the world take part in this competition which features the fastest and most efficient racing machines of leading race car manufacturers. The 15 lap race is much more than a test of speed, it is also a test of both the driver’s endurance and the performance of the vehicle.

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The 57th chapter of the famous Macau Grand Prix promises loads of action and is scheduled to get under way on the 18th of November 2010. The event will carry on till the 21st of November 2010, attracting thousands of fans to the streets of Macau. Known as one of the most fearsome racing events among world Grand Prix races, this event has a history that dates back more than 5 decades.