Natural Beauty: The Montebelli Restaurant

Natural Beauty: The Montebelli Restaurant

Tuscany is as much about food as anything. One of the least spoiled places in Europe, Tuscany’s proud tradition of agriculture has continued well into the 21st century: only now it is attracting the right kind of tourist to enjoy its fruits. Unlike a lot of places that were once unspoiled until the tourists came, Tuscany has retained an almost unchanged attitude to the things that attracted people in the first place: look, enjoy, partake but don’t expect us to change. The results, particularly food wise, are astonishing. Fresh natural produce cooked in fine locations – like the amazing Montebelli restaurant at the Montebelli hotel and agriturismo.

Knowing what an agriturismo actually is will take you a long way towards understanding why the food at the Montebelli’s restaurant is particularly great. An agriturismo is a hotel derived from a working farm, whose ethos is simple: keep the farm going, use the produce, keep the atmosphere and the traditions that have brought people to this area in the first place. As noted above, Tuscany is not reticent when it comes to local pride: the agriturismo is a prime example of the way in which the Tuscan way of life has been incorporated into its tourist havens.

The Montebelli restaurant enjoys, quite literally, the fruits of the Montebelli agriturismo. With a huge percentage of food cooked and served in the restaurant originating either directly from the agriturismo, or from local sources of the best fish, meats and vegetables, the cuisine on offer is rustic chic at its very, very best. Imagine the most wholesome, colourful and richly flavoured meal you ever ate: and then multiply the sensation. Montebelli’s restaurant employs a team of top international chefs to add a contemporary twist to classic peasant food, resulting in a cornucopia of fresh breads, deliciously light olive oils, pungent herbs and incredible roasts. These are the days, and the meals, that guests will remember for the rest of their lives.

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The Montebelli restaurant offers guests a chance to taste the real Tuscany with a modern and ethical twist: the fruit and vegetables are bio organic along with other food products. Bi weekly barbecues are a particular highlight, with astonishingly tender cuts of meat taking pride of place next to succulent local fish. Vegetarians will find plenty to delight as the farm grown vegetables and home made pasta add an authentic “Italian home kitchen” feel to proceedings. As if that wasn’t enough, the good folk at the Montebelli also promote a particular style of Italian cooking – Cucina, which is thought to promote health and well being through its stimulation of metabolic activity. Cucina kick starts the metabolism to ensure proper digestion: which in turn means that everything is properly absorbed, a benefit that may slow the process of cellular aging. Maybe that’s why all Italians look so young for so long: at any rate, the Montebelli restaurant seems to think so, and who’d argue with people that cook such delicious food?