Not Just Two Hots and a Cot! A Traveler’s Guide to Choosing the Right Hotel

Not Just Two Hots and a Cot! A Traveler’s Guide to Choosing the Right Hotel

When traveling for work or play the hotel you choose can really make or break the entire experience. Whether your days are spent in demanding business engagements or snorkeling with family and friends, getting adequate rest and relaxation is key to a successful travel experience. Hotels have the ability to enhance either experience by providing the desired location, amenities, food services, freebies and a high level of cleanliness.

Regardless of the purpose for your stay a hotel’s location becomes a key factor when choosing a hotel. If you are in town for amusement and entertainment then choosing a hotel close to the attractions and planned activities cuts travel time in half and if the hotel offers shuttles services you may be able to eliminate the need for a rental car or taxi service. If you came to take care of business then choose a hotel near your work engagements, if it’s a business retreat then plan on staying at the company’s pre-arranged accommodations. Not only will you be able to take advantage of group rates, eliminate travel time, but you can also take advantage of business networking opportunities with colleagues before and after business meetings.

Once the day has drawn to a close it is always important that the hotel you choose offers spacious, comfortable rooms with cable access and hot tub or swimming pool to relax in. Find a hotel that offers a copy and printing room and you’ll thank us when you’re up against a dead line.

Regardless if you are working hard or playing hard you are bound to build up an appetite, so find a hotel with a bar and restaurant, or if you want to stay in your pajamas take advantage of room service. Inquire about complimentary drink coupons or food discounts for guests of the hotel.

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Even the most prepared traveler forgets to pack or is not allowed to get on a plane with essential toiletries. In that case find a hotel that offers all kinds of complimentary essentials. It’s always nice to check in and find travel sized hygiene products, coffee tea and a surplus of towels and washcloths. In addition to food services and freebies a hotel room with the right built ins can save much needed space in your suit case. No need to pack a bulky hair dryer, iron or alarm clock if the hotel room already has one!

Finally and perhaps most important to an enjoyable stay is the cleanliness and level of guest services a hotel provides. Upon checking in make sure all of your linens are clean, pressed and wastebaskets are emptied. If you leave for the day you should expect housekeeping to visit, refresh towels, make the bed and empty the trash. Remember as a guest you are paying for all of these services and should expect five star service at every hotel you stay at.

Whether you plan on spending the majority of your trip working in the hotel or just plan on catching Zs, taking a shower and grabbing a cup of coffee on your way out the door, spend some time choosing your hotel, research online, read reviews and call the front desk to ensure all of your needs will be met. Because the last thing you should be worried about while traveling is the quality of your accommodations.