Photography Tips for Clicking Memorable Pictures

Photography Tips for Clicking Memorable Pictures

You don’t need to be a professional to click some great pictures. A few tips and tricks is all that you need to capture interesting and memorable pictures. Here are a few tips that can definitely help you shoot some amazing photographs using your camera…

The first tip in photography is to shoot at the level of the object. For example; if you want to take a picture of your toddler or your pet, make sure that you are focusing the camera at the subject’s eye level. This way, you can capture the interesting emotions, smiles and glances which are worth more than a thousand words. It is not necessary for the subject to look into the camera lens but the eye angle level provides the intimate and personal feel to the image. The next tip is to use flash even if you are shooting outdoors. Using flash even while shooting in bright sunlight helps to lighten the dark shadows that are present under the eyes or nose of the subject. This is especially recommended when the sun is directly behind or overhead of the subject being clicked. Using flash on cloudy days adds brightness and vitality to the picture too.

The third trick is to lock the focus properly when you want to obtain a sharp picture of objects which are off the center. First, center the subject and then press down the shutter button half way through. Finally reframe the object still holding down the shutter button and then click the image. Another important tip in photography is to make sure that the lighting is correct. Soft lighting is best when you are shooting people as the harsh and bright sunlight can cause the appearance of dark shadows on the faces. But for sceneries, it is best to shoot in the early morning light or the late daylight to capture the beauty of the scene.

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It is not always necessary to have your subject right in the center of the picture. By placing it off center, you can add more life to the image. The only thing to note is that the focus must be locked on the subject as most cameras tend to focus only on what’s in the center. And the best tip in photography is to get involved with the picture and be a director instead of just a passive taker. Try to capture some emotions or add props or ask the subjects to stand in a particular manner, anything offbeat or different. This way, you will not only have a great picture but a memorable one too which will bring a smile to your face every time you look at it.