Quick Facts About Branson, MO

Quick Facts About Branson, MO

Still thinking about whether or not Branson, MO is the right place for you to vacation this year? Then think no more! These fun and simple facts about Branson tell a little bit of the city’s story, enough to get you excited and interested. Rest of the story is up to you to discover on your visit.

1. Branson, MO is home to more than 100,000 hotel rooms and restaurant and theatre seats. There’s enough room for just about every adventurous-hearted tourist in the city.

2. The Branson Tourism Center is among the busiest in the country, selling over 1.6 million Branson show tickets every year. Plus, the center gives out gas discounts to its customers. Check the website for more details.

3. Branson has over 60,000 theatre seats-more than the New York Broadway District. Now that will surely convince you that this city is serious about giving only top-notch live entertainment all year long.

4. Branson has a local population of only 7,000, but almost 8 million tourists travel to Branson annually. More than half of the visitors (about 65%) come from outside a 300 mile radius of the area.

5. The idyllic US Highway 65 will take you straight to Branson. From 1991 up to the present, the city has spent nearly $42 million in road development.

6. The Branson Convention Center has a maximum seating capacity of 6,500-perfect for a conference with attendees coming from local and international destinations.

7. Branson was named the Number 1 Motor Coach Destination for four straight years.

8. There are more than 400 restaurants in Branson with a combined seating capacity of 37,000. You will surely find a restaurant the most affordable and suitable food for your palate.

9. Lake Taneycomo, one of the three lakes that are found in the city, has the look and feel of a river.

10. Branson is only 19 square miles but the city is brimming with more live performances than just about any other place in the world.