Top Things You Need To Know When Visiting Rome

Top Things You Need To Know When Visiting Rome

Planning to visit Rome? Before you book into your Rome luxury hotel, check out the recommended travel essentials when visiting this majestic place.

Planning Your Travel

You are naturally required to have a valid passport when travelling to Italy. If you’re looking for the most out of your holiday, book your Rome luxury hotel between April and June or from late September through October, since during these times the temperature is milder and you will have fewer crowds to contend with.

Getting to the Italian capital by plane is through Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, located about 30 to 40 minute drive from the centre near Ostia, a coastal area. You can easily coordinate with your Rome luxury hotel to arrange transportation from and to the airport to ensure maximum convenience.

The city is best explored by foot and it has earned a reputation as a walker’s dream. This is because majority of the landmarks and piazzas around the central district are all within easy walking distance. Of course, you can arrange for a private tour if you prefer that option.

Travel Checklist

When visiting the city you naturally want to be fully prepared with all your travel essentials on hand to avoid inconvenience. Here is a sample list of recommended things you should include on your checklist:

• Passport

• Immunization records, if possible

• Euros

• Sunglasses

• Flat shoes

• Sunscreen

• Power adapters

• Italian-English dictionary or phrasebook

Key Information

Cash is king. The majority of Italians prefer to transact and pay for goods and services in cash. If you have grown accustomed to paying using your credit card or debit card, it is a good idea to bring along some cash as well, since even decent sized restaurants are used to receiving this as the primary mode of payment. However, when dealing with your Rome luxury hotel or purchasing tickets in train stations, credit cards are readily acceptable.

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Appropriate clothing. When in the city you will be no doubt be visiting many of the popular attractions which include Catholic churches. In order to enter the holy sites the shoulders and knees should be covered, especially when you are entering the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Holy See. You should avoid wearing shorts, and short dresses and skirts to enter these sacred buildings.

Empty restaurants don’t mean substandard food. It is human nature to consider only going to eating establishments that are well patronised by locals and tourists, as this is usually an indication that the food and service is good. This may not be the case when choosing Italian restaurants, however, as Italians are known to eat late – with dinner often enjoyed around 8 pm or even later. So if you prefer to eat following your usual early schedule, keep in mind that a lack of customers should not necessarily reflect badly on the establishment.