Washington’s Most Alluring Enticements

Washington’s Most Alluring Enticements

The fact that Washington D.C is the capital of the most developed, and powerful country of the world, is a reason enough to draw tourists from all around the globe. However, this is not the only reason to visit it since it is home to innumerable memorials, museums, art galleries and other sightseeing opportunities.

City Overview:

Washington D.C or the District of Columbia is situated at the north bank of Potomac River, sharing borders with Virginia and Maryland. Washington D.C is the cultural hub of US, if you want to get to the roots of American history; you need to pay a visit to this beautiful and peaceful capital.

Places To Visit:

– The first thing you should visit in Washington is the White House. Although it isn’t something that one can skip visiting however, you still can’t help mentioning it. White House is the American President’s residence as well as the work place. The wonderful architecture of White house is also a reason to visit it. However, make sure you book the tour to visit White House in advance because without it, you won’t be able to get inside.

– National Mall is a beautiful open air park in Washington, which needs to be visited. It is home to some of the most famous memorials and monuments.

– It would be a blasphemy to visit Washington and skip visiting Lincoln Memorial. This memorial was built to pay homage to the 16th US President, Abraham Lincoln. It is a great place to take pictures, so make sure you bring along a camera with you.

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– Plus ensure visiting National Air and Space Museum particularly, if kids are accompanying you as they will get to see a large number of various artifacts from Wright brothers plane to missiles to space capsules and what not.

Things To Do:

– Make sure you visit all the different museums and memorials in Washington apart from those mentioned above. For instance you can visit, Smithsonian Museum of National History and Vietnam memorial etc.

– Your trip would be incomplete without visiting Rock Creek Park. It is a place where you can indulge in various recreational activities including, fishing, strolling around, playing tennis etc.

– Moreover, do visit the library of Congress to witness the huge collection of books, it contains.

Shopping and Sports:

Georgetown is a marvelous place for shopping as well as munching on some scrumptious cuisines from innumerable caf?�s and restaurants. Dupont circle is another shopping area, which will surely make you go crazy since there are several shopping stores from clothing to boutiques to shoes to gift stores.

For sports freak, a visit to Key Arena is a must. Whether you want to be enthralled by watching a game of basketball, hockey, wrestling or you are looking for enjoying ice-shows this is the place to come.

Night Life:

There are numerous bars and clubs here but do drop in Adams Morgan which is a famous place offering exciting night life. Then Georgetown also houses various bars so you can go there as well.

Famous Festivals:

Innumerable festivals are held in this city all year round but some of the most famous are; National Cherry Blossom fest (march-April), Smithsonian Folk life fest (July), National Capitol Barbecue battle (summer) and Capitol Jazz fest (early June).

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